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Required Sacrifices

Pure brutality coming directly from Estonia. The good thing about this band is that they use guitar riffs and rhythms that are much more original than the ones used by most of the bands of the style getting closer to heavy metal riffing despite the brutality that they develope. The vocals here are extremely guttural and they give the ultra brutal feeling to the music. To give you an idea it is like crossing the most brutal Morbid Angel with bands like Dark Tranquillity or In Flames and adding also some thrash metal to the mix. The guitars work here is spectacular being original and technical at the same time and showing that this band can develope multiple ideas within each composition. there is virtuosism in the arrangements and also in the aggressive rhythms. The sound is direct and well mixed with emphasis on the guitars and the drums that sound almost like if they were right beside you. One of the albums of 2005.

Zine: Music Extreme

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