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Required Sacrifices

Coming from the surprising Estonia (I find myself more and more amazed at what a monstrous scene there is in this ex CCCP country), these guys play tight, technical and medium paced death metal. The pattern of play is quite formalistic: rhythmic guitar lines, impressive drums frameworks and some slower melodic passages all interspersed amongst one another. The traditional guttural vocal work nicely compliments the band’s musical direction but on the other side, it perhaps lacks of the needed identity / originality. «Required Sacrifices» is a really European death metal release that avoids clichés well and eventually (despite the quite obvious general approach) manages to bring a fresh smell to the nowadays scene. On balance, the album works well as a whole (there being no isolated highlights to single out) and should be regarded as a very promising first studio work. Eventually, my only complain is the production work. Very good job.

Author: Georges
Zine: Pull the Chain

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User comments for this release:

juris / deep sonic  23.07.2006 16:52
hell yea!
no doubt, they really kick ass. they have done great show here in Riga 21.07.06 exelent!
a must cd for death metal freaks!

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