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Must Missa
The Target Of Hate

Must Missa is a band that has been active in the underground for quite some time now. From Estonia they sent out there demos and CDs and look, now in 2005 they also have reached Lords Of Metal headquarters. "Okay, old school eighties metal, this is something for our senior thrasher Tormentor Erich". I bet you that my chef was thinking this when he played the 'The Target Of Hate' album. And he was right.

'The Target Of Hate' turns out to be a fine album that gave me some quality listening time. These eight tracks (32 minutes of music) are on a good musical level. The trio Must Missa makes the music that you expect when you see dudes in a lot of spikes and bullet belts: 'true' and 'eighties' as hell!. The undeniable Celtic Frost riffs and 'OE' shootings are present. The Venom feeling shows up every now and then and some Bewitched or Pentacle elements are recognisable as well. But wait, don't slay Must Missa down as just another cover act or foolish metal band. This band does know how to write their own convincing songs. And besides this, the band also adds an extra dimension to the music. Must Missa puts in some Deathwitch or Entombed styled 'thrash 'n roll' every now and then, and this makes the album interesting for the whole eight songs. The songs are played in a very intense manner, and together with the raw production they justify the intense 'real metal' feeling.

Old fashioned? Maybe.
Out of time? Who isn't.
Simply okay? Hell yeah!

Move over Scandinavia, Estonia is coming: 80/100

Author: Tormentor Erich
Zine: Lords Of Metal

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