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Primeval Force

This is the first Tharaphita full length in five years and their third in total. Not the most prolific of bands, yet Tharaphita make up for this in the quality of their music, which is always of a high standard and "Primeval Force" is no exception to this rule.
This new album is very similar to their 1998 debut "Raev" in a lot of ways, they seem to have dropped the speed metal influence on the previous album a little bit and concentrated on the epic stuff. And how epic it is! The vast songs stride forth at a brisk mid-tempo with driving drum beats, clear, crisp guitar sounds and some great synths (provided by Manatark's Kaido "Draconic") add depth to the music. All in all it has a very "Viking" feel to the music, which makes the band sound more Scandinavian than East European (though it's true that Estonia, culturally and ethnically, could easily be considered a Scandinvian country).
Fans of early Enslaved and maybe the newer stuff by Nokturnal Mortum (minus the fiddly folk bits) would do well to check out Tharaphita if they haven't already, since these Estonians are just sounding better with each release. Recommended!

Author: Jamie Smith
Zine: Arcana Noctis

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