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Ei Kahetse Midagi

Loits from Estonia set up a small black metal sensation with Ei Kahetse Midagi, their debut album released in cassette format at the end of 2001.
Before you notice, you begin to take up unconscious notes of the band´s most affirmative assets: the natural-born drive that occupies their playing, the delightfully bad-tempered and vicious screeches of vocalist Lembetu, the fist-in-the-face-of-the-Nazarene declaring guitar rumbles, empowered by a wall of undeniably professional black metal sound, the odd atmospheric moment integrating some folksy parts, and finally, genuinely good songs. The keyboards, or klahvpillid, are used like Enthrone Darkness Triumphant and Dusk and Her Embrace had never happened, and apparently I´m not the only one who´s got select parts of his Fenriz input off of Estonian soil (no pirates, mind you). Other noteworthy influences could include early Satyricon albums, Skyforger and early Thyrane (if the latter two hadn´t stolen half their riffs from Satyricon, that is).
We all know evil has everything to do with remaining unsaturated. Evil doesn´t exist if it´s brought out of the closet and exposed to the light of the rational. In this respect, Loits are still holding all the cards in my judgement; I haven´t read about them in Terrorizer or seen them making a less than sublime performance at the local metal bar. My knowledge of them limits strictly to the insides of the 105 mm x 70 mm x 15 mm cassette case. In other words, it limits to their music. They are the masters of their artistic kingdom, and I obey (at least theoretically) every move, twist and urge they decide to embark upon.
Ironically, what Loits need right now is someone to take away parts of their façade of obscurity; they need that gig and that Terrorizer interview to steal away their virginity in the public´s eye. After that it´s their coping with the external, extraneous elements of the industry that will largely determine their fall or rise. There´s a difference being Arcturus or Malignant Eternal - John Dee or John Doe, if you will - and both roads come with their own crooked signs.
With the right amount of attention from the outside world, Loits could take on the world the way Forgotten Sunrise never did. Now we´re just waiting for the torch to either flare up or die down.

Zine: Qvadrivivm magazine

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