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Vere Kutse Kohustab

This is an Estonian Black Metal band and this is their second full-length. I would describe their music as very Norwegian sounding Black Metal and to be a bit more precise I would like to mention Satyricon. Both the old, harsh with a real melodic touch, almost folk approach to the music and also the new Satyricon, equally harsh yet with a more Rock 'n' Roll feeling to it, and a punkish attitude to the music. Now that is a very good way to describe Loits something in between the old and the new Satyricon, not really focused on any of them but bringing them together in quite a impressive way. But they are not as harsh as Satyricon is or where, it’s a bit to clean but I can overlook that since this enjoyable, despite the keyboard. Just like Satyricon they keyboard is only there to support the darkness in the music, not to take it over and they do this quite well, although at times the sounds is a bit annoying, but what would you expect from a keyboard. The vocals are harsh and raw reminding me of Abbath, sometimes there are some clean vocals, almost choir parts but they are not that bad. I liked this, it’s nothing I would listen to a lot, but from time to time I will bring it out and listen to it. It is nothing spectacular but definitely listenable.

Author: Mordant
Zine: Minacious

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