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Required Sacrifices

NIHILISTIKRYPT is a Death Metal group from Estonia founded in 2004. The guys took part in Conquer Fest in 2005 and have played with Rotting Christ. This demo (crystal case + booklet) contains 9 tracks. The product is very well carried out, the musicians are good: the vocals are quite good and clear and let the music live well; the only complaint is that they're too monotonous, it is always the same growling without variations, it is really too bad. The riffs are good and effective; you can hear the use of some effects here and there which fit really well and there's an acoustic piece which suits in quite good. The drums are also very well played and varied. Only do not seek any blastbeats, you won't find any, they play only in mid-tempo which is also a pity. A little about the quality of the sound - good production which emphasizes the group well. Thus the demo is relatively good and carried out well but they remain just another death metal band which misses originality. A variation of the tempo and more varied vocals would make them much better. Thus I consider them Death Metal amateurs!

Author: Guyom
Zine: Bestial Experience

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