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Required Sacrifices

Dark summoning scheme for intro, thunderstorm in the background, the chanting gets louder to cacophonic kataklysms... so far so good... then the first song starts, absolutely standard melodic death metal, which is surprising at first, considering the intro and the dark looks of the cover I had counted on a bit less merry tunes.

The fun aside - the Estonian band with tonguebreaking name offers definitely peculiar death metal with good melodies on their first demo, the guitars remind a little Swedish school (DARK TRANQUILLITY, IN FLAMES, ...) with a bit too brutal growling if you put aside the rest of the music.

Still the mixture blends in pretty well, even during the second and third audition.
Only the sound is here and there too slim and you'd wish a bit more power. The most pale are the drums, which in some places resemble the famous backwards turned wash-basin - not metallic but rather papery (is this even a word?).

Though there isn't much bad to say about "Required Sacrifices", because of the afore-mentioned melodies harmonize greatly with lot of original riffs and the ferocious joy of play, which is carried over to the listener.

Interesting demo not just for collectors of raritys


Author: Warmaster
Zine: Metalglory Magazine

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