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Required Sacrifices

The creative name of Estonian Nihilistikrypt doesn't leave you wondering what music style they're playing. It's corpse-flavoured and life-hating deathmetal. Required Sacrifices starts with a short incantation of these who have moved over into eternity and ends in half an hour with agonizing screams in the gloomy rhythm of Chopin's March Funebre. In between there are seven tracks which are played engagingly and with confidence.

Nihilistikrypt was founded in 2004 and Required Sacrifices is their first demo. So the demo contains nine tracks, solid covers and a black disc, so called Playstation disc. That they call this whole package a demo shows confidence and self-criticism of the band members. Though the disc sounds like a demo, the skills on instruments and composing songs and varied sense of style - all this indicates that it's just the beginning of their career. But I have to admit that I've seen and heard quite a lot of albums that are kind of lost when compared to demo material of Nihilistikrypt.

The overall atmosphere of Nihilistikrypt's death metal carries you to the first half of 90's. The music is dark and at times spiced with more demanding technical melodies. It starts effectively with Brainbow -track, where the manners of the band are clearly combined. The song with all-embracing name I Hate Everything starts with very catchy and twisted riff and the whole song combines the elements of death metal - from brutal riffs to growls varying between speakers. Enjoy The Violence and especially Thoughts Of A Misanthrope demonstrate Nihilistikrypt's sense of playing pure melodies - they also add to the dramatic mood of the recording.

In the songs of Required Sacrifices you can hear that it comes from a band that is constantly developed. The tracks differ a little in style, more from the technical point of view. Nihilistikrypt will not totally hold the listener captive but their half-hour demo is definitely a positive calling card for the band.


Author: Teemu Lampinen

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