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Required Sacrifices

This demo has arrived from these Estonians, their debut demo and it's called Required Sacrifices.

There are several things that have caught my attention in this work by Nihilistikrypt. Besides the name of the band, it's also the look of CD. A green cover with a typical horror picture from a lost book of illustrations. I think they have hit the head of the nail with it, because it fits the demo really well. Required Sacrifices is a self-produced CD and released by themselves, but the result is really good. The only thing that's not done by them is that it's mastered by Colin Davis, the brain of Vile.

The resemblance to Immolation is quite clear, although I believe that the band has tried not seem like clones of other bands. But it's the music they like to play and that's what they do.

In addition you can download a live video from their official webpage, although the quality is pretty poor you'll get the idea how they look like and perform live. The band has already been on stage before Polish metalheads... so it's not impossible that we might see them over here in Spain in the future... all the best for them in their deeds...


Author: Lord Zaebos
Zine: Friedhof Extreme Music Magazine

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