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Must Missa
The Target Of Hate

Estonia steps into a new round full of dirt, violence and aggression. Must Missa try to kick listener's butt on their current album full of concentrated Thrash (Black) Metal power. Sometimes destructive, then groovy rock the three Estonians their eight tracks, that give the listener just half an hour time. Timbered together in best old school manner that reminds last but not least of the Australian active side of dark snot rag thrash, namely Deströyer 666. For here, unlike to the most northern thrasher at Aura Noir and friends, things are a little atmospheric. Intrinsically every song goes straight into the ear and needs only a few turns. As you can even find little (arty?) gimmicks of the real ancestral fathers Slayer or especially the seventh song sounds like Celtic Frost...
All who enjoy this genre, are allowed to get a grip on this and not to save on previous outputs of this band.

Translated by Sir ChristCrusher

Author: psephos
Zine: Myrrthronth

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