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Primeval Force

Tharaphita is an Estonian band, founded in 1995 by ANK, with their goal to play a combination of black and heavy metal with some pagan music elements in it. As I’m unknown with this band, probably due to the fact that they are from Estonia and their albums are hard to get around here, I’ve to conclude that they’ve succeeded in their goal. The riffs on this album vary between pagan and heavy metal. The disadvantage is that the overall tempo on the album is a bit monotonous. Although there are some faster parts on it, it’s mainly continuing on the same speed. This disadvantage is compensated by the growls from front man ANK and also by the slight use of keyboards. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m unfamiliar with the band, so also with their previous music. I think however that ‘Primeval Force’ is a dark and mystical album that will enjoy especially the pagan fans. So now and then Tharaphita even sound like Fintroll like on the song “Destroyer Of Soul”. Overall looking it’s not a great album, but it isn’t a bad one either. Just make it 7,5 from out of 10.

Author: André
Zine: Quintessence

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