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Realm of Carnivora
Verised Relvad - Bloody Weapons

It’s been three years since this band released their great debut “Vengeance Shall Come”, and from what I’ve heard and noticed the band was pretty inactive the last two years. Yet now they have replaced half of the line-up and present their second unholy product “Verised Relvad - Bloody Weapons”.
Regarding the fact that they have replaced half the line-up you may of course expect some changes, yet this is a complete different sound and music. It still is both black metal, no doubt about it, yet the difference is beyond comparison!
New vocalist I. Marras sounds completely different than his predecessor and the music has shifted towards primitive black in the vein of Burzum with totally other accents. I’dd say that the emphasis of the songs have changed from completely black towards a more pagan style.
New vocalist Marras sings not like a crow or a raven, yet with a grunting voice close to old death vocals, coming from the depth of his belly so to say. And where on the first album the evident elements were from keyboards, this time they use classical instruments and horns.
The intro is not well put into first song ‘Kurjuse Kummerdajad’, which starts at old Realm of Carnivora speed, yet that is already in a more Burzumlike hulking style.

On average Realm of Carnivora has lowered it’s velocity, although at songs like the first two songs and ‘Üle Laipade’ they still show that they can play fast too! Yet more and more the bulk has changed towards hulking, primitive black, with the more you get into the album, the more the influences of the horns become. Their role is comparable to the way Sear Bliss does, yet in a totally different sound.
Like said, ‘Peata Inimene ef Karju’ starts fast, yet there is a catch; after a few minutes it becomes slow heavy and with the strange a-tonal part of classical instruments. You have to hear it to understand what I mean by this…
In ‘Sõtta!!! ‘ the horn starts showing up as an integral sound part. Here we meet a total new kind of Realm of Carnivora! It’s swinging in a primitive hulking way with horns and some minor medieval elements in the guitar arrangements. A great track nevertheless!
The title track is nothing but a useless instrumental, yet it only lasts of few seconds, so why bother? ‘Üle Laipade’ makes up for this, as a song that rolls on like a freight train; steady yet smashing all in its way! Also the other tracks are in the vein of Burzum.

The band has decided that they can’t fight piracy, yet that this implies they have less money available to book a studio and therefore have to save on the sound. Well, a better sound would have been nice, yet with this kind of metal a sound production is not a must. And the artwork and booklet is as should be for a professional release.
The final song is an outro which is done in a way of combining the sound of a siren at the beginning and something sonar-like to a simple basic instrumental, yet there is a surprise: after 3,5 minutes the band plays a song that is called ‘Paganlik Kättemaks’ and is called a tribute to the “True Spirit of Black Metal”; well, Realm of Carnivora could have fooled me as it could have easily been a cover of some ancient legendary Norwegian cult band; it sounds great anyway!, though very different from the rest of music on this great album. If you’re not convinced, check their website as there are already some MP-3’s on it…

This new Realm of Carnivora cannot be compared to previous work, only in the way that they were both great black metal releases…
Give this new sound of Realm of Carnivora a chance, as it gets better everytime I listen to it, though it can also be because of the fact that I start to get used to this new sound and away from their old sound. At least they have a great album with a sound that definitely shows an own identity, although things often sound familiar. Buy this one!

Author: Neithan
Zine: Vampire magazine

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