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Ei Kahetse Midagi

There are plenty of pagan, black and ´those playing close to black´ metal music bands in Estonia these days. They have a certain similitude to each other, but first and foremost - to their colleagues from the north, Scandinavia. However, I keep enjoying their new recordings, and Loits is far from the worst in the heap, which have impressed myself pretty firmly from the very first listen. It goes without saying that when music hits you from the start, it must be arranged in a simple or at least traditional way. At the same time it is catchy and memorable, sticking to the listener´s mind for a while. Well, nordic way of writing music is very easily noticeable, but I could not tag traditional clichés like ´Norwegian´, ´Swedish´ or ´Finnish´ to that. Let alone - it is too early to speak about ´Estonian´ way of playing black or pagan metal as well. Mostly mid tempoed compositions have a grim feeling inside, and background keyboard arrangements (nothing forceful, just some hand put in time and place) as well as general melodious approach does not make this recording mellow or too cheap due to prevailing harmonies. My mind draws far from happy images, in spite that Loits have that heathen feel as a whole.

Concerning their ideological basis, there is a note that guys had some critics flowing towards the band, and I remember Dangus compilation booklet mentioned their concept that deals with politically incorrect viewpoints, but going through these lyrics I can´t see any heavy proclamations at all. Maybe they are well hidden between the lines, but it sounds like a typical blackmetal lyrics with yet highly philosophical idea behind. Ok, if you enjoy what was described above musically-wise, try to catch Loits, as they sound really promising. This was released on tape so far, but maybe you´ll find it on cd in coming months too. Investigate, especially if you like other Estonian bands.

Author: Tadas
Zine: Ad Arma! Magazine

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