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Chaos Engine

Some people say that with the mixture we get improvment....of what you want...Well so, I have never been agree with this opinion in the music world, and at the same time I will never deny that the generic Extrem Metal syle definition has made great results wich has started the consolidation of new styles. One of this new styles, where this Estonian guys called MANATARK can be fitted, is wich BEHEMOTH, for example, started to perform when left the Black Metal paths, and introduced the Death and Brutal touches to consolidates what nowadays is called Black Death, and where a long list of bands can be fited. So, under a conceptual metaphoric background based in the human raising as a best and agressive destructive force unfront the world, after tasting the forbbiden fruit, the album developes 8 songs of a styling mixture great to listen and taste. The album shows feeling and emotivness, brutality and technical resources, and musical culture wich gives a complete pallete of moments to enjoy. The sound is between the Technic Death Metal and the Nordic Black Metal, near to the EMPEROR of “IX Equilibrium” way... all surrounded by a poethics flavour with high emotivness and density. In fact, it is an album with great production, good composition and better instrumental performing. The different sound levels and instruments are very well worked, and gives to the music all the touches needed to take MANATARK to the different style limits inside the Extrem Metal music. Sincerly I think their music has something special, so I return to the first words where I talked about the sporadic appearing of a band borned from the styling mixture. In this case, it is a really good chance to taste this kind of propose...

Fiar 8/10

Author: Fiar
Zine: Xtreem Music

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