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Realm of Carnivora
Vengeance Shall Come

Another re-release of a Black Metal release we received from Ketzer distribution; this time the band Realm of Carnivora from Estonia. It concerns a release of the Cdemo they released on their own label in 1999. Added with a cover of Judas Priest’s Hell Patrol that is what landed in my claws. A nice acoustic sensible piece of music opens this album, but after that the peace is over! After three strikes of the church bell a musical version of violence starts that will certainly do well to any Marduk-fan .I don’t know if these are the original recordings from 1999, but the sound is for Black Metal, real good.

The entire album sounds very rough, and not even the keyboards (yes, RoC uses keyboards) do not disturb the evil atmosphere, also because they are used sporadically. The band uses nice tempo breaks, which make the faster parts (and hyper speed is regularly achieved!) even more distinguishing. This is really a real recommendation for every fan of extreme loud Black Metal. The guitar riffs sound great, and the drummer is really great, with great sounding drums. Bridges and changes in paist are done without any difficulty and very skillful.
Beautiful is also the short piece of Slavian singing in Grimm Ravens…, my favorite on this album. But also the other songs on this album are potential classics. In the most wonderful way sensitive breaks are combined with the roughest pieces of music, and very strong and versatile compositions. What can I say more; this band is a genuine asset to the Black Metal scene!
Is there nothing negative to report? Yes, there is; although I am a great Judas Priest fan (I grew up on them into metal) their cover of Hell Patrol sounds more like Celtic Frost (and Darkthrone voice), and the cover is done nicely, but it doesn’t contrast favourably with their own songs. I can’t wait to hear more of them!!!


Author: Neithan
Zine: Vampire magazine

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