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Human Ground
Human Ground

This cd came to me with no press biography and absolutely no information . The plain black sleeve and lack of anything other than song titles gave nothing away either. Having never even heard of the name, Estonian metal not exactly my specialised subject, I had no choice other than to put the thing in and wait. These days with wall to wall magazine and internet coverage giving us access to all bands and going a long way to ruining the mystique of bands ,(remember buying lps on whim, taking a chance on some album cover alone? ) its rare to be surprised and knocked a little sideways by something outta the blue. My first impression was of a typical melodic (argh) death metal outfit peddling the usual Scandinavian watered down tosh which is spreading the globe like some hideous plague. Then someway into the running list a lovely bluesy solo picked up my ears and I wrote down in my little notepad , hmm that s different . Then I really listened, realising that the playing was immaculate, the guitar playing technically brilliant but still with feeling. Variety a touchword here too, from melodic thrashings to morbid angel rumblings, from death growls to clean soaring vocals and those bluesy solos just the topping. At some point I noticed the death vocals had a certain feminine touch, I connected with Angela Gossow (arch enemy ) and wondered . I suppose if you like The Arch enemy strain of death thrash then this will be for you, the playing is similar in its brilliance. Extra points go to the final song which as i came back from my wanderings it first seemed that my player had jumped to some Beautiful south cd .The sweet girlie musings masking some Alice cooper, i love the dead styled sicko melodies . I would to hear a full cd of this please, if you ever get bored of playing techno death thrash. I did finally go to the internet to get some info but the most I realised is that the singer is indeed female and better looking than ms gossow( I prefer brunettes), but that s no real reason to buy a cd. Great playing, top notch production and a certain something that lifts it above the thrashings minions certainly is. A Surprising thumbs up.

Author: Ian Bullass
Zine: Golden Lake Webzine

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