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Celestial Crown
A Veiled Empire

If I am not mistaken Celestial Crown comes from Estonia and their label Divenia is from Mexico. Celestial Crown released through Divenia before some months their latest album with the title "A Veiled Empire". Musically the band walks on the atmospheric doom/death metal paths, with the death metal elements to be mainly focused on the vocal section and their music to have influences from atmospheric and doom metal. Even though the music from Celestial Crown is really good with very interesting and well worked compositions we have a small problem in the production which isn't so good. I believe that if they had worked more in this section then their stuff would have been better. Better in the way of how it sounds, because their songs are really good and the band has a lot of great ideas but I am sure that on their next step they are going to demonstrate a very good result which will actually show their progress too. I wish the band to continue working hard and they will have great results then!

Antonis Maglaras


Author: Antonis Maglaras
Zine: Behind The Veil

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