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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Loits is a Black Metal band from Estonia. It could sound strange as we are not used to listen to Metal, and especially Black Metal, bands from such countries as Estonia, but I can affirm that Loits is a worthwhile band and their music will appeal to a wide audience as its’ horizons are not limited only to the elements of Black Metal and it is not classified as Black Metal in its' classical definition. “Vere Kutse Kohustab” is the second full album of the band and here Loits reveal themselves rather bound and enjoying what they are doing. First of all, their lyrics are only in their language, so I have absolutely no idea what they are about. Nevertheless I don’t think that there’s any problem as the music is very good. The singer of Loits wants to resemble Abbath from Immortal and succeeds that in a way, but certainly he doesn't manage to equal him. The music is based on rhythmic guitares that quite often allude to Punk bands but still they have volume. The compositions don't contain many elements characteristic to those old Black Metal bands nor one could describe them as True Black Metal. Loits have succeessfully managed to combine Black Metal mentality, atmospheric sound, and also some rock elements. The songs are in mid-tempo rhythms and the speed hardly increases. In case you like melodic compositions and, naturally, you listen to Black Metal, you definetely have to check this band and you will not lose. The album is released by Ledo Takas Records.

Author: Vassilis Mazaris
Zine: Metal Zone

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User comments for this release:

Dark patrick  08.12.2004 11:42
Quote: "If anything it reminds me of Edith Piaf and sums up images of gnarly old villagers stubbornly playing draughts and drinking wine on the streets as bombs explode all around them."

I never actually liked the "hidden" song "Metsavendade laul" particularly, but this visual image brought it much closer to my heart. I'm not kidding when I say I had shivers down my spine after reading this passage. Thanks, Pete!

cantor_satana  17.02.2005 12:04
Thank you very much Loits, the gig in Torvi(Finland) were great and allso new album is fantastic, more of this.

triin  13.04.2005 15:42
jummala mega bänd....originaalne muusika ja .......

elle  08.05.2005 22:09
Loits on nii meeletult hea,et pole sõnu...mis seksikas vokaal..

autoblinda  04.04.2006 23:42
wow...what a horrible thing ,to sing in a native language.


muumia  08.07.2006 19:11
its not even just metal..its like vierlieng sdhooting at russian bomber formation..and thats what most of its about...yes yes..even my grandpa was in that so condemned estonian legion...and so what...he was many of our greandads were there..fighting for a reason..fighting for brighter sun to shine...every one wouldve done that..everyone from every nation...we failed...but...we are alive now...and its nothing there to stop us mwahahaaaaa

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