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Ei Kahetse Midagi

A long overdue reissue of LOITS` debut album, in fantastic looking digipak format. It has previously been available on cassette and CD-R before, but this is the definative release of an album which has already become something of a cult classic. For those who didn`t get to hear the original releases, LOITS play a progressive black/folk metal style (dubbed "National Romantic Black Metal") with lyrical themes that deal with Estonian history and national pride, in particular Estonia`s participation in WWII. The band are somewhat lazily referred to as NSBM by some, although upon closer inspection the band share little in common with the likes of GRAVELAND. LOITS weave an altogether more intelligent lyrical mythology which is mostly based on historical facts (unlike Nazism) relating events from history and traditional folklorian beliefs.
The music fits the lyrical concepts perfectly; opener "Tulisilma Sünd" seethes with jagged black metal riffing; "Valge Nägu" is dreamy and ethereal, without loosing any of the band`s trademark bite; whilst "Veri" thunders it`s way out of the speakers with a heaviness most death metal bands can only dream of. The jewel in the crown though is "Tõelised Kuningad", which is a black metal classic if I ever heard one. SATYRICON, with their empty posturing and major label funding, could NEVER write a song as good as this. Which just goes to show that underground music is still thriving with talent. Buy "Ei Kahetse Midagi" now or condemn yourself to a life of eternal regret, despondance and self-flagallation.

Author: Jamie Smith
Zine: Dead Souls

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