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Winter Night Overture
Weapon Against the God


I’ve listened to this demo already being familiar with their newest MCD (check out the “black metal” section), so it’s obvious that I liked this one less than “Weapon Against The God”. However, I feel I have to place a little note here: suchlike situation, i.e. when the newest recording is ‘obviously’ better than the former one, goes only for the worthy bands. And, fortunately, WINTER NIGHT OVERTURE is one of them. In comparison to this demo, the MCD (released two years later than “Incarnated In The Fire”) has more decent production, is more straight-forward (which is good, I think) and lacks any keyboards, while this tape features some of them here and there, also being more melodic and various, although not so hateful and atmospheric… By the way, all of the songs are very short, just like on “Weapon Against The God”… If you liked the aforementioned MCD, you’ll get into this one also, but if you’re still unfamiliar with this band, better try “Weapon…” first.

Author: Herr Stalhammar
Zine: Vae Solis

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