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Neander Valley

Who are Neoandertals, you ask? They´re an Estonian ultra brutal death metal outfit. Where is Estonia? What am I, a cartographer? Look it up yourself, you lazy cunt.

The information I am willing to share, free of charge, is that Neoandertals was once a three-piece unit consisting of bassist/vocalist Rain Pohlak of Mortophilia, drummer Roland Seerand guitarist Toomas Keermaan. Earlier this year Toomas parted ways with the band, and Rain and Roland chose to continue on as a two-piece for the recording of their first demo Neander Valley.

Contained on Neander Valley is a mere two songs with the effort clocking in at just over 7 minutes. Both songs essentially sound like what California´s Disgorge would sound like if Matti Way, Ricky Myers and Eric Flesy recorded their ´95 demo as a three-piece. The only difference being that Ricky Myers and Eric Flesy are much better at their respective instruments, with Roland and Rain coming across rather amateurishly at best.

Rain´s vocals are virtually identical in tone, pitch and delivery as Matti Way during his time in Disgorge; every rasp, every gurgle, every weird slurp, he pretty much covered it perfectly. Unfortunately, drum and bass death metal isn´t that good in theory, and even less so in practice and those vocals really seem out of place without some solid riffs carrying the music along, it´s just a lot of weak blasts, lame bass lines and insane gurgles.

As a brutal death metal band, with a good guitarist with some decent concepts on song structure in the fold, they may actually become decent for the style, even if they are incredibly unimaginative, but as a two-piece, they´re definitely lacking in substance and pinch a giant Neoanderturd for their debut recording.

Author: Teufel
Zine: Teufel's Tomb

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