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Celestial Crown
A Veiled Empire


From Estonia the formation Celestial Crown comes, who present their second output with “A Veiled Empire”. Compared with their 2002 debut “The Embraced”, which I reviewed earlier this year, the band has developed a lot. Especially in the songwriting-aspect. On the debut the structure of the songs has been the same very often. A circumstance that substantially diminished the fun-factor of the listening. Stylistically the combo around vocalist Denis Volynkin offers themselves and their listeners a much wider field, mixing the great influences of the better known Death Doom-bands of the nineties like Anathema and My Dying Bride, adds some symphonic Black metal with atmospherical keyboard-passages and a big touch of Gothic. As you could expect the vocals by Denis are drifting between deep death grunts, Black Metal-screaming and some clean passages. And to round that up and to deepen the Gothic-feeling Diana Volkova is allowed to fill in some well done female vocals. Instead of the long genre-description „Atmospheric Blackened Doom Metal“ you could also say that Celestial Crown plays – a bit like Novembers Doom, but not that perfect at the moment - a kind of varied Dark Metal. Like I had phrophesized in my review for „Promo 2004“, which 4 tracks can all be found on „A Veiled Empire“, the actual output comes out really good. The new nine songs fit in perfectly and as a result you can find slow Doom Parts (like in „Stone Heart”), great Gothic-moments with great vocals by Diana („For The End Of Days“) and dark-melancholical stuff as presented in „Night By The Silent Waters“. But what most of the songs have in common is the tragical, the depressive moment and some great melodies. But my favourite still is „So Let Thy Will Shalt Be“. For this I quote myself from the review for „Promo 2004“: “In this song the female vocals are really affecting, while fronter Denis opposes with deep grunts.” Even if Celestial Crown can´t win a trophy for absolute self-sufficiency I can recommend this CD at all.

Stephan Becker

Author: Stephan Becker
Zine: Obliveon Zine

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