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The Sick Experience

This is the debut album of this Estonian band and their hard rock is influenced by bands such as Fu Manchu or Monster Magnet. Kind of a new school hard rock style that suits the band well. Their music is heavy and groovy and they don’t really care for technical playing or complex song structures. There’s a simplicity in their approach that has its own charm and their “middle finger” attitude sets the atmosphere right. Their music is interesting, but then again they repeat themselves and not all songs are good enough. But their talent is obvious and the songs that are good are very good. Better than most similar bands around and probably good enough to gain them a following and raise some interest around the band. Now what they need is more hard work, in order to actually improve as musicians and learn how to write more good songs. Keep an eye on them if you are into the band we mentioned as their main influences.

Zine: Tombstone Fanzine

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