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East Trading Wang
Favela. Yayo. Caipirinha.

EASTERN TRADING WANG - what a name for a band, eh? I mean, what the hell is that?
Anyway, on their second album “Favela Yayo Caipirinha,” EASTERN TRADING WANG plays a form Hard Rock that draws upon equal parts Punk and Metal. There is a lot more Punk than Metal, mind you – this is kind of like Punk played with thick, heavy riffs. In the end, a lot of the songs end up sounding very Grungy, for some reason reminding me a lot of NIRVANA’s “Sliver.” That’s not to say that this band sounds like NIRVANA, the song-writing just reminds me a lot of that song. Eh, maybe it’s just me.
The album starts with “No Way,” a song that sounds half-finished and consists mostly of one of the most painful guitar leads I’ve heard in a long time. And no, I don’t mean painful in a good way either. It’s not all downhill, though. The music is okay, as are the roughly sung-spoken vocals. Really, though, that’s my problem with this disc – it’s okay. Just okay, nothing more, nothing less. Despite the unconventional song structures, which I respect the band for trying, the songs don’t really seem to go anywhere. For the most part, each song has one main riff that gets repeated and repeated while the vocals and drums play around alongside it, which leads to songs that sound kind of like, well, a repetitive mess. Sure, some of the riffs are pretty catchy and might get you headbanging a little, but there’s really nothing to sink your teeth into.
I’ll pass on this one, but I’m still curious about what exactly an EASTERN TRADING WANG is.


Author: Wesley D. Cray
Zine: The Metal Observer

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