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The Sick Experience

Heavy riffs and gravely vocals that rock hard and occasionally hint a bit toward Stoner and Hardcore are what LOOM are all about. Their overall sound is not unlike that of CLUTCH, though LOOM lacks the strangeness and experimental edge which makes CLUTCH so extra enjoyable. Of course, it’s not really fair to compare the two, so I’ll end the comparison there. On their own, LOOM is a quite good band, playing fun Metal-tinged Hard Rock and Roll that will almost definitely incite some sort of physical reaction in the listener, whether it be toe-tapping or headbanging.

The songs that make up “The Sick Experience” are varied, each having a distinct personality while retaining a nice album flow. The first song, “24 Hours” is about as far as the band delves into Stoner territory and it works out great – one of the best tracks on the album. “Who’s In Charge?!” is an angry rocker with lyrics about…well, being angry and kicking someone’s ass. Of the 10 tracks, those two are the most rewarding, though the other eight are pretty decent as well.

All in all, LOOM has released a pretty good album with “The Sick Experience.” There’s no immensely crushing brutality or rocket science, but for a straight-up rocking good time, this might be a good one to check out. (Online September 2, 2005)


Author: Wesley
Zine: The Metal Observer

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