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Primeval Force

Touted as one the reigning kings of Estonian metal, a genre that I know very little about, but I do believe that the metal world will be hearing about these guys in the nearer future. The metal that I do hear coming from the former Eastern Block countries and Russia is surprisingly tilting toward pagan like ideas, Viking metal, traditional folk, and vocally steered in the direction of black and or death, with periodic clean melodic arrangements. Nomans Land is a Russian band that caught my attention earlier this year with those themes, and now, so has Tharaphita, who are not necessarily in the same ballpark, do carry some of the above aspects, mixing frosty guitars and German vocal styles, to create a interesting and complex composite of traditional heavy metal and old school northern European sense of cold emotionlessness.

With this release, their 4th studio album since their inception in 1996, they show a knack of keeping things heavy, yet melodic. Credit goes to the production for keeping the things laid back, showcasing the multiple guitar attack which weave themselves from differing riffs creating one conjoined melodic sound, shifting to dual rhythms, that at times crescendos with anthem like power highs, yet, when the time comes, have no problem kicking back into straightforward, simple melodies. Lead track "Sorceress" is the most direct with the pagan mind set, yet sounding the most German, similar to Running Wild, just without any pirates spoiling the party. The Sorceress seems to be doing a good enough job of that on her own. Frostier picks include the title track, shaking things up with a Swedish/Nordic sound, and the icy speedster "Destroyer of Soul". "Tongue of Flame" throws you back to the N.W.O.B.H.M. days with its catchy chorus, and "Throne of Bone" the lone ambitious epic piece, moving from mellower tones to drifting guitar melodies, a very nice touch. Rounding out this interesting batch of numbers is the coup de gras, "Manalateekond", with its dual and mixed guitar rhythms relentlessly bombarding your ears, steadily and rapidly, bringing to mind some early American thrash mixed with a bit of european power. Intricate in its delivery, a perfect close to a killer album that deserves some recognition.

PITRIFF RATING - 9/10 - A band that for 9 years have been playing hard, toiling away in out of the way places, appears to have put many things together that work, and a lot of times, work very well. Later this summer they have a gig scheduled with Rotting Christ, so they haven't gone completely unnoticed, but I have a feeling that they are going to get a little more notice in the next couple years, especially if they continue to put out a good product like Primeval Force.

Author: Brian Gould
Zine: Pitriff

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