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Legion Estland

It isn’t a secret anymore that the Estonian scene is a healthy one with some great bands around; like Must Missa for example. Loits is another great band from Estland, and these 4 men and a woman really surprised me with this promo which contains the songs from the ‘Legion Estland’ 7” and 2 songs of the ‘Raiugem Ruunideks’ 7” EP. You can expect filthy mid-tempo black metal; which sounds as a mixture between Darkthrone and new Satyricon, with a typically rock&roll groove and full of melody with some folk influences.
‘Vanade Leegionäride Laul’ is the first song of this promo, and starts the way we’re used to hear from Primordial; with distorted guitars on the background and clean melancholic guitars on the front which flows over in the real song. Despite of the quite clean distorted guitars and sound, this song reminds me to later Darkthrone yet with a folky touch. Like the song title tells, this song is sang in the Estonian language. At the end of the song there are some trumpets; played on a keyboard, mixed through the music; which automatically reminds me to Sear Bliss. ‘Terasvanne’ is an intermezzo with a traditional classical orchestra and some weird sounds on the background, this track is followed up by ‘Furor Aesticus’ another great song; like all songs on this promo. This time we can hear some Satyricon riffs, yet all without copying; Loits succeed giving it an own turn. All six songs are like a said before piece by piece worth listening and immediately they will grip you, thanks to the great song structures.

Zine: Vampire Magazine

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