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Celestial Crown
Promo 2004

Posted: 12.08.2005
Rating: 7.5
Celestial Crown - Promo 2004

01. Deep Within
02. For The End Of The Days
03. So Let Thy Will Shalt Be
04. Consecration

Estonia 2004
Doom Black Metal
Playing Time: 21:58

Reviewed by Undercraft

Celestial Crown –part deux-

Time for a comeback in Metal Storm, the Estonians Celestial Crown return after a couple of years with a small release, but great improvement as a band. They’re here to show what they been up to in the last couple of years. For you that doesn’t know the band, in 2002 they released their debut album "The Embraced" which was an interesting Doom-Black project, but with many flaws, being the whole sound/production the most noticeable.

This is a press release only and I assume that the preview of their upcoming album, and let me tell you that the future looks bright for Celestial Crown, this promo album is a huge improvement from their last effort, the sound is crisp and tight, whoever managed the production gave the band a proper sound.

The Cd starts with “Deep Within” some spoken words tries to put the listener into the mood, but later the song fails to grab my attention, and becomes quite boring..
Next is “For The End Of The Days” this is an interesting track, nice keyboard and duet of vocals makes this an instant winner, notice the many tempo and rhythm changes in the song. “So Let Thy Will Shalt Be” is a slow song that focus mainly on female vocals, which sound quite good in this song, not too operatic. The promo closes with “Consecration” a mid-paced tune that focus this time on the growls rather than the shrieks or the female vocasl, too bad, I definitely prefer the band’s shrieks than the growls.

Anyway, if this a preview of their upcoming album I can rest assured that is going to be a good one. Is nice to see bands always trying to raise the bar with each release.


Author: Undercraft
Zine: MetalStorm

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