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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Estonian heathen black metal band Loits return with their second offering. The title means Obliged by the call of blood. The style is aggressive black metal with northern folk heritage and rock and roll spirit. Early on, after some patriotic samples, I’d decided that this was very sloppy, with mistakes not corrected in the studio. By the end of the album I’d decided I liked it, sort of. The music has no real energy and is not overly aggressive. The pace is slow with simple drumming and very basic guitar rhythms. The keyboard melodies are buried deep in the mix and are very simplistic. The vocals are growled but the delivery lacks harshness and he does not express anger. Some songs, “Voitluslipp” and “Kodu” have clean singing which is an improvement, but he does not have a commanding presence. “Kodu” also offers a bit faster pace with the drums and cymbals. “Raiugem Ruunideks” offers a better mix of clean and harsh, with the clean vocals at their best here but still no surprises in the music. I was expecting traditional folk elements and didn’t get them. I was expecting strong black metal elements and except for the initial drum burst of the first song I did not get that either. “Vanade Legionaride Laul” is musically the most interesting with some good riffs and the instrumental sections hold their own but ultimately I was driven to take out the cd printed to look like a record and put in some Lord Wind.

Author: Grimulfr
Zine: Digital Metal

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