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Legion Estland

LOITS is a Black Metal band from Estonia composed of 5 members that play what they call for "National-Romantic Extreme Metal", straightened with more militant contents and even avant garde influences in their later releases.
LOITS got started in 96 by the guitarist/vocalist Lembetu, who added 3 musicians to line up and recorded a first Demo rehearsal in 99. After a few line ups changes, and a track recorded on Dangus Prod., LOITS recorded "Ei Kahetse Midagi" ("Regret Nothing") Demo 2001, self released, and issued on Tape format in 2002 by Beverina Prod., later re-released on CDr. This debut album is also released as a Digipack limited to 555 copies by the Polish UG Label Seven Gates Of Hell Records. LOITS sign in 2002 on Ledo Takas Records that release the present 7" ep "Legion Estland" in 2003.
LOITS toured over 30 times in East Europa, with Dissimulation, Lullacry as well as many UG acts, and a VHS of different LOITS Live appearances is also spread through the UG in 2003, presented also on CDr format.
The 4 tracks composing the first "Legion Estland" 7" ep are played in a mid paced Black Metal style, that reminds of Heathen Metal acts and newer Scandinavian bands, especially in the catchy yet massive sound. This ep is has quite ideological contents and is dedicated to the brave soldiers who fought in German uniform for free Estland and against Red Terror in WWII.
The first "Vanade Leegionäride Laul" opened by melancholic and saturated yet noisy guitar lines. A more massive sound takes over the track played in a heathen Black Metal style, on a sustained mid tempo and marked by the saturated main vocals. More vivid even melodic riffs take over the track thickened by backing screams and vocals, & a contained drumming.
Distant orchestral tones and backing dark noise open "Terasvanne" on more solemn yet nationalistic tones. Short choirs, experimental beats even clear guitar lines add a timeless feel to this mid paced yet melodic track, played with more marked riffs. A faster break stressed by the main saturated vocals and a rhythmic instrumentation is upset by a slight higher melody in the background.
"Furor Aesticus" is a faster and heavier track of modern Black Metal, marked by a massive sound, several alternated vocals declaiming the main chorus, and neatly reminding of Satyricon recent albums.
The last "Demon´s Night" (Tharaphita cover) is played in a melodic Black Metal style, with almost dry drum beats and a very dark riffing, deepened by the lower and saturated main vocals alternated by shorter clear male vocals dwelling the longer instrumental parts.
This Promo contains in addition two songs: "Raiugem Ruunideks" and "Tuleristsed", LOITS upcoming 7" ep 2004 tbr by Schwarze MaSSenvernichtung Distribution (usa), in a limited edition of 300 copies.
This second ep is opened by spoken vocals and an outdated female chant reminding of the 50` at least, and played on a fast and sustained mid tempo.
The second tune is catchy and the guitars still display a compact yet massive sound, enhanced by furtive synth melodies and the main sustained raspy vocals. Short rhythmic parts even dancing beats contrast with the rigid yet mechanical drumming that dwells the background.
LOITS` style is original, melting melodic yet epic Black Metal to more modern tones and experimentations, with a sound openly influenced by several Scandinavian bands of the actual scene, the tunes are catchy yet heavy, and the concept militant and interesting. The warlike Black/White layout is enhanced by the military picture of the band largely spread as flyers in the UG this year and that I found rather aesthetic yet innovative.
Further info at LOITS official website, Email: Lembetu:, or their Label Ledo Takas. LOITS are working on a third 7" ep scheduled for release later this year, stay turned.

Zine: Demonic Horde

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