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Estonian review translated by M. Kalvet.

Very much like good old early Black Sabbath. Similar guitar riffs, similar primal power. Who knows, maybe "professor" Iommi has traded them some guitar compositions left in his dusty drawers? Swell that it's sung in Estonian. The (manner) of singing of the vocalist Mart Kalvet for some reason reminds me of Peeter Volkonski (Propeller, Rosta aknad) or the departed Urmas Alender (Ruja), and this feeling doesn't dissipate even after several listenings. Of course, the release is not that long – five songs, all of them their own creations, a tad over 20 minutes in length. This music doesn't cuddle you, doesn't caress. It's chopping, classic metal, straightforward and played with feeling, a steaming, fire-spewing cauldron of molten iron. In places the sheer wall of rhythm is so strong that one must make a considerable effort to grasp the lyrics. The overall aggressiveness is somewhat mellowed by the occasional input by the keyboard-player. "Tähist ja tolmust" (Of Stars And Dust) remains a favourite.

Author: Ülo Külm
Zine: "SL Õhtuleht", Estonian natonal daily np

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