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Forgotten Sunrise
Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me

There is something to be said for a decade-old band that continues to adapt its sound. Estonia’s Forgotten Sunrise actually began in 1992 as a Death Metal outfit, but one would be hard-pressed to find traces of their origins on the band’s more recent material. After a period of inactivity and label problems in the ‘90s, Forgotten Sunrise independently put out a limited release of theirfirst full-length, Ple: se disco-nnect me in 2003 (each copy comes with a black insert complete with a picture of a silver hangman and the buyer’s limited-edition number). Ple: se disco-nnect me is a series of remixes book ended by the introductory “Clean Version” and the cleverly-titled closer “Original Version” that finds Forgotten Sunrise falling somewhere between Synth-pop and EBM (with elements of Tribal, Trip-hop, Shoe-gazer and the occasional Metal riff). This album takes a careful listening to, as Forgotten Sunrise is truly un-categorical. The intro song starts with Kuratino’s dark, Dave Gahan-like vocal paired with female singer Tiux’s light orchestral parts, and is then followed by “Device Remix”, which quickly turns the album into a dance floor rave-up; the album then bleeds into “Death by pop-gun remix,” which could be the Bauhaus song Peter Murphy never wrote. Some of Forgotten Sunrise’s best tracks are buried deep in the album, such as “Device Easy Remix,” a Das Ich-like vocal spew. Instead of coupling their verbal attack with a hard-hitting track (as those Teutons would), Forgotten Sunrise pairs their most guttural song over light Synth-pop. Either this band is extremely clever or fiercely opportune. The only drawback to this CD is its inclusion of multiple remixes, which feel more like filler than anything else. However, it is a rare band that can jump between genres effectively and Forgotten Sunrise is quite adept at their brand of musical metamorphosis.

Author: Vivien Weimar
Zine: Sick Among the Pure

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