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Legion Estland

Well it has to be said that we don’t exactly find ourselves flooded with CD’s from Estonia. The last and probably only other example I can think of are Rondellus and they could not be further removed from Loits if they tried. Their ideology is firmly rooted back in the dark days of 1944 when their fathers lost control over the storm. For those of you just about to jump on your pulpit, let us get one thing straight. I am of the opinion that only the ignorant would lump Loits in with the NSBM scene. What you must remember is that there are casualties on all sides in war and there is nothing wrong with national pride and remembering the fallen. The back of the CD displays the words, “dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”. For those of you that took 21st Century history you will no doubt remember the Wilfred Owen poem that proclaimed these words, translating as, “it is sweet and proper to die for ones country”. Owen also makes no bones about declaring this as, “that old lie”. There are no winners in war, only the dead and they should be remembered regardless of what side they fell on.
Moving swiftly forward to the music itself, what Loits have sent out is essentially a promo comprising of their latest 7” along with its 2 predecessors. Considering how tricky it is to get hold of stuff like this on vinyl, I can only applaud them for their excellent marketing strategy and as for the music contained, I am very happy to have received this. Legion Estland is the first and the 4 tracks start with sombre tones on Vanade Leegionaride Laul. We quickly romp into a mid paced march that is chock full of jubilant bravado. Singer Lembetu has one hell of a croaky voice that is loud in the mix and really takes you by surprise at first. The production is excellent, crisp and sharp and it sounds like a lot of care has gone into this. The embellishment of keyboards toward conclusion flesh things out even more and add a baroque tone. Furor Aesticus really reminds me of Satyricon. It has a definite groove rumbling away and a mesmerising hook that is repetitively compulsive. A sudden burst of energy stomps with a feudal jig embellished with folk laden keyboards. In a word, excellent.
Next we have the Raiugem Ruunideks material starting with a track of the same name. The funereal feel of this is enhanced by passages of oratory vocals that are full of anguish and a melody reminiscent of early Beyond Dawn. Tuleristsed cheekily nabs a long Clockwork Orange sample before bounding away with some bouncy guitar riffs that honestly sound like they have survived the 80s Leeds Goth scene. The new Meeste Muusika tracks start with Soomepoiss, which strikes me as more experimental by adding clear crooning vocals and accordions. The production here is however not as good as the earlier material and the drums come across particularly muddy in the mix. Metsavend acoustically wraps things up and I have to admit that the croons here are distracting and I prefer the back to basics approach of the Legion material. That aside this is well worth a gander!

Zine: Live 4 Metal

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