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East Trading Wang
Favela. Yayo. Caipirinha.

While fellow Estonians Loom deliver a pretty solid take on mainstream rock, this oddly named lot are a little more underground with what amounts to basically a pure classic Helmet homage with a little bit of Pulkas (remember them?) thrown in.

Rather more aggressive and modern sounding than Loom, with ETW, some may cry “Nu-Metal” at some of the chunkier structures and pacing, but ETW certainly are no MTV gleaned scream/jump/rap ensemble. With a Finnvox master job, ETW sound is impeccable for their chosen genre, thick and clear, while their songs are solid jaunts through modern metal.

The svelte heaviness of the material does not come across as superficial as ETW seem genuinely apt to churn out pretty burly modern riffs with a slightly accented mix of clean singing and gruff shouts. Look no further than “The Follower” and “Seven Days” for the classic Helmet worship, while standout track “Seven Days” actually prompted me to replay the track several times, something no non extreme metal track has done since Pulkas’s “Loaded”. “No Way”, “Mikromirror”, and the superb yet Kittie-ish chunk of “Zombie Lives” also offer up solid, enjoyable moments of glossy chunk and borderline mainstream metal chug. “Free” and “DarkSide” offer up more eclectic, program laden variations of their sound that don’t sit as well, but show ETW are willing to bend their own mainstream rules somewhat

Truthfully this and the Loom album are not albums that I will want to revisit just due to my more extreme tastes, but on the rare summer day I need some commercially viable, publicly acceptable metal, copies of ETW and Loom reside in my car.

Author: Erik Thomas

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