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Symbolic State
By Abstract Words

A lot of people don’t know exactly where Estonia is located on the map, and even the folks at my post office think it's somewhere “next to Andorra”. General scandalous ignorance aside, I always knew where the country is located and other general trivia, but I have to confess that I wasn’t aware that they had very fine metal bands. After stumbling across Surrogoat, I
decided to try and look for other exciting bands, and to my luck, eventually I found another keeper by the name of Symbolic State.

The album in question, “By Abstract Words” is a very good effort rooted in traditional death metal with speed variations, but with some thrash elements here and there, spicing the music in all the right places. There is some melody too, but mixed in perfect dosage with all the brutality going on. The guitars are the catchiest part of the record, with really grooving riffs and some excellent soloing, which is not as extravagant as it is effective. The bass is loud and clear, just the way that I like it, thanks to a very decent production for a self released album. The drumming work is also of outstanding quality, keeping it precise and concise all the way. The vocals are predominantly in the death metal style, but clean vocals are also
heard a bit in places during “No Angels For Send”.

There is a lot of potential in this release, and I can only imagine what will happen when they get a deal and have more elements to work with, because the talent is there. It’s interesting to mention too that almost all the members of the band are, or were, in active service in the military of their country, which is something that just wouldn’t happen here or many
other places. Also, I got a bit confused because I always thought that words were concrete and not abstract, because they have to have a meaning in order to be words. But after several serious discussions with a vodka bottle, I give that whole concept of “abstract words” the benefit of the doubt.

That’s why I give this release the following:

Rating: 8 “zxbs>j%kjlt’s” out of 10

Author: AztecB
Zine: Global Domination

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