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What are we dealing with this time? Metal from Estonia? I really wasn't aware of any metal scene in the Baltics, but after hearing Metsatöll, I'm glad that they do have one. Not that this is such a shockingly good product, but it's very funny to say the least. It's very funny because of two reasons, one: the entire album is sung in Estonian, two: the foundation of the music lies in Estonian folk and the instruments that belong to that genre are used a lot. Where bands as Finntroll or In Extremo are more metal oriented, Metsatöll is definitely more folk oriented. Authentic 'Runo singing' is combined with simple, but oh so effective melodies. Instead of beating around the bush, they just invent a tune so catchy, that a lack of familiarity with the music will not inhibit you from dancing and jumping around at a live show. Alas, there are two things that have a negative effect on the enjoyability of the album. The fact that you can't sing along isn't even that big a negative point, but the fact that the singing seems to be tending towards off-key sometimes and the fact that the singer sometimes sounds as if he's singing in a kind of drunken mood make that the record becomes less enjoyable towards its end. And that is quite a pity, when they write such lovely songs.

Author: Richard G.
Zine: Lords Of Metal

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