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Legion Estland

Another attack from the Baltic region of Estland is what brings Loits, a band that I just knew from the Ledo Takas catalogue. I was very curious to listen to this band due to some weird labels given to thier music like "romantic-nationalistic-BM"... something that I definitively have to take a look at.

Legion Estland is their second attack, a 7" vinyl produced by the mighty Baltic warrior and record label Ledo Takas. Raiugem Ruunideks is the third effort this time released through Schwarze MaSSenvernichtung from US. I know that we still haven´t created the Vinyl section in this webzine (is under construction), but some records are collecting dust so I better start to write the reviews instead of being labeled as a rip off!!!

Ok, lets go back to Loits. Probably the style they were labeled as says a lot (or may be nothing), but one thing is for sure: no romantic stuff in here like Cradle of Shit (Filth) vampire/gothic stuff... may be is just the romantic view of their people and land... hard to say for me since the lyrics are in their native tounge.

Now music is quite hard to describe... I was expecting some folk influences but there aren´t at all or if there are, aren´t very obvious. First song has some melodie and vocals that reminds me to Kovenent (Nexus Polaris), but don´t be dissapointed for such comparison... I think Loits has a lot more to offer than the mentioned band.

The music can fit black metal standars, I mean heavy and dark atmospheres, twisted growling vocals (some times clean), and the typical guitar riffing of BM. Anyway the drums never get into chaotic blast-beats and rythms are mid tempo most of the times. The keyboards aren´t the typical of BM as well... most of the time unheard and bringing great horns and trumpet sounds that brings majestic atmospheres to the songs. The music bring some rock elements that some people has labeled as "black and roll"... that could give you some clues about Loits music.

At this point I must tell you that is clear that this band has an unique way to create music and certaintly they are very original, having their own sound and style.

I think would be quite useless to describe song by song this time and if after reading those paragraphs you are curious about Loits go to their webpage and check out some samples of their work.


Author: Carlos
Zine: Kuravilu Webmag

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