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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Everyone reading this should know by now how I feel about this
outstanding Estonian Heathen Black Metal band considering the three
reviews from last month (January) and also that this album holds the
number 2 spot in my top 20 albums of 2004, so it comes as no surprise
when I tell you this is most definitely a "buy or die" case. In English
the title of the album means "Obliged By The Call Of Blood". Some of the
songs from the 7"s have made it on here which makes me quite happy
because I believe those songs were so good ('Furor Aesticus' for
instance) that they needed a wider audiance than just those who purchase
7"s. Not everyone has a vinyl player at home. Anyway, what I said in my
"Legion Estland" review: "They play a brilliant mixture of Black Metal,
Death Metal with a lot of Folkloric / Pagan influences. You can also
hear a sort of Rock N Roll kind of vibe in the music sometimes. The
music itself is actually simplistic but to me that´s what makes it so
great. It is primitive and addicting with the ability to reach into your
primal self. The growling vocals fit right in. Whenever I hear this or
their other material I HAVE to headbang !" still holds perfectly true
for "Vere Kutse Kohustas". In retrospect I think "growling" vocals could
give the wrong impression though because they aren't like a full on
Death Metal growl but rather a scathing kind of growling, like that of
the IMMORTAL vocalist. Some songs are darker, more foreboding while
others are upbeat, rock n rollish kind of tracks and still others like
closer 'Raiugem Ruunideks' are epic sounding, providing plenty of
variance throughout the album which is never boring and always
captivating. Also features a hidden track that to me sounds like the
kind of song you would be singing while at the pub with a bunch of
buddies. I still think the kind of atmosphere this makes is like that of
PRIMORDIAL, at least for me personally. Recommended listening: the whole
thing ! Seriously though, it is very difficult to pick some songs out of
an entire album of great tracks ! My favourites are 'Furor Aesticus',
'Eesti Auks' (In Honour Of Estland) and 'Vanade Legionäride Laul' (The
Song Of Old Legionaries). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

Author: Skyklad
Zine: Metal Gospel Magazine

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