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The Sick Experience

I raise my eyebrows. Estonia? To be honest, I don't know a lot of bands from Estonia, but what I heard coming from that Baltic state up until this point in time, wasn't good enough to earn a place in my CD collection. And bare in mind, it's not that difficult to earn that place.

I press play and get instantly blown away by hardrock in the veins of the Swedish Mustasch, but with a young son of Lemmy behind the mic. This is bloody good! I grab the cover of the desk and discover that the band in question is Loom. The band seems to be one of Estonia's leading live acts and was even hailed as the best newcomer back in 2002. Now, I don't know what that means in Estonia, what I do know is that the opener '24 Hours' can hold its own on an international level. And it doesn't stop there. Tracks as 'U-Turn', 'Something To Hide' and 'Polyester Skin' leave more than one band back in envy. With seemingly no effort the band plays one rallying riff after another and the gents hold my attention with their hybrid of hardrock, death-/ and nu- metal. Is it all hosanna then? Well, no. The band finishes the album with the more tranquil 'Pictures' and I feel how my attention drifts away. The vocals of Margus Sikk are less suited for this tranquillity and due to that things tend to get dull. It's clear: the band is at its best, when playing full force rock.

In conclusion: Loom is the first Estonian band, which finds its way into my record collection. We're going to hear more of these people in the future, I'm sure of that.

Author: Frank
Zine: Lords of Metal

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