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Legion Estland

Some of you might already know this band from Panzerfaust’ dirty pages since I’ve interviewed LOITS for the second issue. Back then I was really impressed by the debut album titled “Ei Kahetse Midagi” which recently was released on CD format through SEVEN GATES here in Poland (check it out!!!). Now I’ve got yet another effort of this Estonian band... And fuck me, I like it really VERY much! None of you will find any revolutions like discovering new sounds or new genres here. Fuck off, I don’t care since LOITS is able to play black-metal in their own way, finding the most fascinating elements in it and adding energy of 1000 of megavolts into it... So, they have their own superb identity! In my honest opinion LOITS became one of the most promising bands nowadays making such shitty, “swallowing its own tail” bands like JUDAS ISCARIOT just nothing! “Legion Estland” is the proof. Even if it’s EP only, 15 minutes short, I find many impressions here. “Vanade Leegionäride Laul” opens this effort – great song for the beginning, which starts with calm riff in the vein of old ULVER. After that there’s very melodic, catchy riffing reminding me some SATYRICON or TULUS tunes. There are also some trumpets that sounds alike to great Hungarian SEAR BLISS... All in all, I think that this song is just great. Next one is really weird – it’s “Terasvanne” with some soldiers singings, probably from the II world war times (what suits to the lyrics I think). Never mind, it’s just a short break before “Furor Aesticus” – quite similar track to the opening one, little calmer maybe... But still very raw and full of furious energy with which LOITS’ songs are fulfilled. Again one could find some folk tunes, which reminds me some Ukrainian bands (like DUB BUK and NOCTURNAL MORTUM). For the end there’s cover of Estonian THARAPHITA titled “Demon’s Night”. I liked it, even if I haven’t heard an original version. OK., this is the whole “Legion Estland”; I don’t know if my writings have convinced anyone of you to take a listen to this band, but you have to believe me that it’s great piece! In my opinion it’s revelation, bomb, cult, better than beer, eating vomits and making snowman at one time. Fuck, just listen to it or die! Hail LOITS!!!

Zine: Panzerfaust Zine

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