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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Well, finally the full lenght album of Loits has arrived to my hands. Compared to their previous attacks, I think that musically there are the less diferences, but there is no doubt that the production of this album is high above the previous material... that is what we can call a real improvement, right?.
Speaking about music, Loits follows their own path. There are some Black Metal influences as well as many catchy melodies in all songs. I have just wrote about how difficult is to label their style in the previous review, so I will not waste my time in this issue. Anyway, I must say that this band is very unique, their music is probably far away from what I hear most of time (more Thrash Metal oriented), but I still like it very much. It's so straight forward, plenty of rock and roll melodies and yet misterious for being sung in their native tounge. Another fact that I like is that the keys are very subtle, almost imperceptible. Just bringing the right feeling in the right places and far away form being in the front line.
There are a lot of good songs in here, some of them re-recordings of old ones. Aeg Ärgata, is full of power from the very begining and just starting with the vocals alone... great!. Some other tunes show great changes beetwen clean and distorted guitars. Well, as you can imagine there are plenty of good music in here so check it out by yourselves.
Finally I just want to say something about the lyric's background. The whole concept deals with the position of Estonia during the WWII that it's quite interesting since they fought in the side of the Germans... as you can imagine many people has labeled the band as Nazi, an issue that the band clearly want to state as untrue and unfair. From my point of view who gives a fuck if a band is Nazi or not... Here I am to speak about music and even more: Metal, a kind of music that has never give a fuck about anything and specially with all the "stablishment". Fuck all those pussies and coward zines and distros who claim not support bands just for use some Runes in their logos and are afraid of being pointed as Nazis and probably go to church on sunday... hahahaha. They have even more prejudice than nazis!!! ok Let's leave it to here or may be Kuravilu will be labeled as Nazi as well... hahaha.
As a summary: another fine work from the Baltic area and from the mighty Ledo Takas label.

Author: Carlos
Zine: Kuravilu website

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