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Ei Kahetse Midagi

Loits is a good black metal band from the distant Estonia. Since the black metal scene is the strongest of metal scenes in Estonia nowadays (together with folk/pagan metal, many bands to both). Loits is one of the best BM bands we have. Their lyrics are not into the worn-out ol’ satanism or slaughter of christians. In this album, the music partially remembers the Second World War, whereas other songs are mostly about folk concepts.

The music varies greatly during the progress of the album. It starts off with an interesting mix of brutal and melodic riffs, the song “Tulisilma Sünd”. It is followed by a melodic instrumental track, titled “Sinimäed 1944”. The third track is “Tõelised Kuningad” and it is one of the most aggressive on this album. “Valge Nägu” is a high-quality mix of black metal and other musical elements, yet as with all songs, the black metal spirit dominates, only supplemented by touches of other music. “Hauast Aupaistesse” is a very good song. It reminds a bit the third one, but sounds a lot better. I especially enjoy the lyrics:
“Darkness hides the scorcher
Shadows rape the bringer of light
Werecrone mortifies the bringer of warmth
The abyss devours the radiant one.”
“Kolmjalg” is another almost-instrumental track with only one short piece of lyrics. “Veri” is maybe the fastest song on the album, also highly recommended. The last track, “Sinu Mees, Sinu Vend, Sinu Poeg” sounds like the heaviest song here, and a noble ending for this elite BM album.

I would recommend this album for everyone who has gotten some touch of the Estonian metal scene. It might not be the best album to start with, but it’s a nice thing to fill your evenings with. Besides, I like the album title “Ei kahetse midagi” = “Not regretting anything”. It leaves you with wondering what they could have ment with it. I’m still listening and thinking. I’ll let you know when I find out…

My favorite song: Hauast Aupaistesse (From Grave to Reverence)

Author: Götterdämmerung
Zine: Metal Storm webzine

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