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Vere Kutse Kohustab

"For heavens sake, the estonians arrive!" Not really wrong this sentence if you listen to the second official longplayer "Vere Kutse Kohustab" ["Obliged By The Call Of Blood"] of this band. The music of the estonian outfit is at least very original. It mixes in a great way the aggression of Black Metal with folk influences and a great dose of Rock´n`Roll-spirit, add vocals in the native language and what you´ll get is a style that´s called Flak´n`Roll by the band. Very different from the Black'n'Roll of the french Phazm or also Entombeds Death'n'Roll this mixture drives your blood and boils it. It keeps the most blackened spirit as well as lots of grooves. Four of the tracks from the "Promo 2004" (on which the earlier three Seven Inches of Loits were put together) you will also find on "Vere...", but in slightly different and new recorded versions. They have a better production, but cause the band dissed some elements I am missing a bit of the charme of the older versions. For example the sequel of "Clockwork Orange" which introduced the driving "Tuleristsed" is missed, also the speeding up drums at the end of "Furor Aesticus" are calmed down. Another one is the trumpet in "Raiugem Ruunideks"...[or is it just less of that or more to the back?]. What you will recognize soon is that the building up and the structure of some of the songs seem to be very equal. Lots of them start the same driving way and also the drumming and the guitars often follow the same scheme, but without getting boring. Talking about tempi, Loits is far from the typical Black Metal-speed, it's more kind of a relaxed mid-tempo. The songs are spreading kind of a dark atmosphere and the vocals by Lembetu are more grim and dark growls than the typical screamings. Just imagine a mixture between the darkness of the slower Celtic Frost tunes and some calmed down Carpathian Forest tracks with folk-elements and Rock'n'Roll-influences and you'll get Loits. I don't want to talk again about their image. Anybody who's interested in that can read about that in my review for "Promo 2004". This highly recommended album is available as CD with 20-pages-booklet in a jewelcase and also as a luxury digibook-edition.

Author: Stephan Becker
Zine: Obliveon webzine

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