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Vere Kutse Kohustab

When thinking of it, the case of Loits may appear to be rather tragic. A group of Estonian extremists, attempting to present their mythical ancestors with an offering of proud, crude, folky pagan metal, bringing forth their glorified nationalistic tradition, but ending up creating an intriguing yet too light and enjoyable, almost parodic-sounding musical product. Bah! why should we care? It is still fun!
The music on Vere Kutse Kohustab features a heavy dose of traditional black metal-ish riffs that reveal influences of Loits' neighboring Scandinavian founders, blended with significant elements of exceedingly simple chord progressions usually characterizing either ignorant British teenage punks of the late 70's or subtle-minded NSBM intellectuals that tell us all about ZOG.
The admixture of elements is interspersed with occasional innovative and creative artistic ideas, usually in the form of unusually performed, folk-oriented movements or creative, innovatively intertwined atmospheric bits. These are balanced by primitive, not to say humorous growls.
The aforementioned amalgamation adds together to quite a beneficial sum: Usually, it is interesting. Whenever it is not, it sure is as entertaining as any heathen may ever be. So, even if not managing to sweep the listener with an inflaming experience of old zealous fame and might, the latest release by Loits (doesn't their name remind you of a sensitive part in the human anatomy?) always remains, in one way or the other, rewarding. Enjoy.

Author: Rod Togam
Zine: Maelstrom webzine

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