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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Loits certainly do their very own thing. If not musical wise, then by all means concept wise. This is an Estonian band which base their lyrical content on heavy Estonian patriotism where the clear red thread is Estionian soldiers who fought in World War II wearing German uniforms. Putting that fact aside, this is not an album about nazism, but rather the story of their people's fight against opression during the days of the war. On their home page they deny that they are connected to any forms of Nazism or Satanism. It is a fact that the world can been seen in shades of gray rather than in black and white at times.
Not unexpected (concidering the lyrics) there is a good portion of Estonian folk music to be found on this record. The main focus however is on mid tempo black metal of the rocking kind.
The music can often remind you of Taake's Bjoergvin record, and the riffs are just as catchy in Loits hands. The sound is good and suprisingly clean for a band of this sort and there is a good continuity in the variation of different guitar riffs. The melodies are really what puts this album together helped well by good vocal variation.
The songs are sung and growled exclusivly in Estonian, but luckily for us who dont speak the language translations can be found on the bands home page. As mentioned before their singer use many different vocal forms and he masters them all with great ease. I am especially fond of the the moaning, hurting way of using clean vocals on the record. This helps give the album that special characteristic mark.
There are many positive aspects, but is has to be mentioned that Vere Kutse Kohustab leaves a little more to be wanted.The folk music elements work well as a tool of making the album varied, but the band still has a way to reach when it comes to making their songs sound unique. Vere Kutse Kohustab ends up as a good, but maybe a little repetative record. Because of the polished sound, there is not special edge that emphasizes the extreme either. Metal riffs with a rock background can often work on record as long as you keep the variation good, on this point I think Loits are still struggeling a bit in the dark. Read about the band and listen for yourselves at

Author: Rita Trondsgard
Zine: Metal-Norge website

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