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Raiugem Ruunideks

This band is especially well known in the Baltic surrounding, and it deserved not a few favourable reviews, so it would be hard to tell personally anything novel or unfamiliar to natives… Let it be a tribute to those who live farther from Eastern Europe.

Recalling Legion Estland, I should observe that listening to this EP raises associations with other legendary Estonians – Tharapita. That is Black Metal of the same Scandinavian sound and medium, Estonian speed, with keyboards that are in subtle harmony with the music. No, it was not a plagiarism, but rather a result of the new “Estonian school”. In our small countries it is usual for two persons to participate in five projects, which sometimes results in a similar sound. Could it be just this case?.. However, I couldn’t get enough of the main track. As well as of the last one, which was a cover, by the way, originally belonging to Tharapita themselves! Ironically, in the whole EP this track raised least associations with the above mentioned veterans of the Estonian scene, and for me personally it sounded better even than the original. Who could figure out those Estonians... :]

The second EP is much more mature, and it is true to say that it reveals the genuine face of the band. Although it contains only two tracks, one could feel that the band entered another stage. Estonian [?] cynicism replaced Scandinavian epics, and in addition to Black vocals, clear singing appeared in the first song. All this EP savours of peculiar irony and militancy, and reminds of the films about the Second World War, showing self-contented Nazis, smoking cigarettes with gilded filters and listening to German marches. At least this time there were no associations with winter, night, howling wolves and pale moon… That is not traditional Black Metal under the norsk influence, but rather a product of the contemporary rotten society. Black Metal of the new generation – a true soundtrack of the XXth century wars… Recommendable. [Speigas]

Author: Speigas
Zine: Ad Arma! Magazine

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