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Pain Performance

Man, do I need to hear more albums written by bands that tend to run every single Death Metal cliché to ground? These Estonians have self-financed this demo and I have to ask myself why.

The riffing, vocals and the drumming are all heavily derived from the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, yet they lack the structure, the quality and the complexity of that band, not to mention the total lack of fire and attack in the music. It all seems so predictable, that nothing done is anything worth listening to more than once and the disorganized song structures don’t help at all, with the changes all happening at disjointed moments. Furthermore, the drumming is very generic and often goes into the blast beats, but it seems that the drummer isn’t capable of holding the beat constant for a long time, so not only are those parts boring, the also come off as unprofessional. The music isn’t heavy, the riffs are very boring and the vocals are unintelligible gargling. I don’t like this type of Death Metal.

The song titles remind me far too much of CANNIBAL CORPSE, while the cover is just another one of those stupid gore pictures that a lot of bands like to use, but all look the same. Albums like these ruin my love for good Death Metal.


Zine: The Metal Observer

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