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Vari (translation: shadow) is a young, promising industrial black metal band/duo from Estonia. After some time of experimenting, their debut demo was released in 2004. Vihavald (viha stands for anger, vald stands for domain) is the given name to their seven-track debut work.

From the first until the last track, this demo brings you into an atmospheric world of cold, though powerful industrial metal. For almost 33 minutes, this demo keeps you wondering and surprised. First thing which surprised me were the vocals. I was expecting high screams, but pretty low, though real black metal vocals (who were reminding me to Thyme -ex-Ragnarok- from time to time) were delivered. The thing I usually got against this kind of industrial black, is the lack of variation (only the bigger bands like Aborym can satisfy me), but on this demo there is loads of it. For example, track 4 (Tulemaa Pojad) is more of the brutal kind (specially the intro), while track 2 (Meie Lugu) is more atmospheric based. Talking about tracks, you want to know my favourite track? Mina-igavene, without any doubt! Awesome guitarwork mixed with orchestral synths and powerful drum beats.. eargasm! But I am definitely not saying that there is only one good song on this one... hell no! The whole demo is a killer one (and also the sound is surprisingly good for a debut demo). Some additional info: The bonus part of this demo exists of a track from a preverious demo. Oh, and the track titles look nice as well, although I have no idea what they mean (*wink*).

Vote: 87 / 100

1. Edasi Minevikku
2. Meie Lugu
3. Saatus
4. Tulemaa Pojad
5. Mina-igavene
6. Manalateel
7. 11. Sümfoonia (first Demo)

Author: Gerardo
Zine: IndustrializedMetal

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