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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Just to have the idea of recording this stuff I would quote words coming from the band: "This album is dedicated to all Estonian freedom fighters, who sacrificed their years of youth for battling against the enemy...". "Vere Kutse Kohustab" is the second full-lenght album from the Estonians which music can be described as melodic black metal with heathen / patriotic values. With the first listening I`ve got the impression of manifoldness, variety which has taken me to the point that I have thought I don`t even like the album. But after the third listening I just has begun finding hidden turning back points of the album. First of all the album is sung in Estonian language what is making it more original and reaching the listener. It has also some catchy riffs, which are maybe not the most likeable parts for me in the Loits`s music, but very similar to Sartyricon ones (e.g. "Furor Aesticus"). In general the whole album musically is close to the Scandinavian performes from some years ago. Anyway it`s carried to the Estonian ground and given some Baltic atmosphere little bit. I think the whole music is enriched with a great graphic layout concept of the cd (digi and jewel case) and lp although I possess promo version so can`t be sure of that. One is sure, the cd contains great multimedia bonus where you can read about the album`s concept by turning the pages of the book and listening to the warlike "Raiugem Ruunideks" track!

Author: PN
Zine: Martwy Zmierzch

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User comments for this release:

Dark patrick  08.12.2004 11:42
Quote: "If anything it reminds me of Edith Piaf and sums up images of gnarly old villagers stubbornly playing draughts and drinking wine on the streets as bombs explode all around them."

I never actually liked the "hidden" song "Metsavendade laul" particularly, but this visual image brought it much closer to my heart. I'm not kidding when I say I had shivers down my spine after reading this passage. Thanks, Pete!

cantor_satana  17.02.2005 12:04
Thank you very much Loits, the gig in Torvi(Finland) were great and allso new album is fantastic, more of this.

triin  13.04.2005 15:42
jummala mega bänd....originaalne muusika ja .......

elle  08.05.2005 22:09
Loits on nii meeletult hea,et pole sõnu...mis seksikas vokaal..

autoblinda  04.04.2006 23:42
wow...what a horrible thing ,to sing in a native language.


muumia  08.07.2006 19:11
its not even just metal..its like vierlieng sdhooting at russian bomber formation..and thats what most of its about...yes yes..even my grandpa was in that so condemned estonian legion...and so what...he was many of our greandads were there..fighting for a reason..fighting for brighter sun to shine...every one wouldve done that..everyone from every nation...we failed...but...we are alive now...and its nothing there to stop us mwahahaaaaa

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